Carbon Offset Projects Impact in Action

CNG certifies a broad range of climate resilience activities across the globe. Our portfolio of greenhouse gas reduction projects includes nature-based solutions, renewable energy, social upliftment and much more. 

Our Offset Projects

Regenerative Agriculture in <strong>South Africa</strong>

Regenerative Agriculture in South Africa

AgriCarbon™ is our flagship carbon farming programme that rewards farmers for sustainable ...
Efficient Cookstoves in <strong>Uganda</strong>

Efficient Cookstoves in Uganda

This offset project invests in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of efficient ...
Solar Cooking <strong>Chad</strong>

Solar Cooking Chad

The climate project invests in the installation of solar cookers in refugee camps in Chad. ...
Biogas project in <strong>Cambodia</strong>

Biogas project in Cambodia

This offset project invests in making biogas installations available in Cambodia, aiming to ...
Biogas in <strong>Uganda</strong>

Biogas in Uganda

This offset project invests in improving the access to biogas amongst rural households with ...
Jacunda Forest Conservation <strong>in Brazil</strong>

Jacunda Forest Conservation in Brazil

This offset project, located in de centre of ‘the lungs of the earth’, combats climate ...

Quality guaranteed

We select our climate projects according to strict quality criteria.

Contributing to the SDGs

Our climate projects contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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Gray Maguire

Senior Carbon Originator

Gray has worked with the private sector, the State, NGO’s, civil society and academia on climate resilience research and project development in Southern and East Africa for over a decade. His work has ranged from community food, energy and water resilience projects, financial inclusion, ecosystem infrastructure and agro-ecology to climate resilient municipal infrastructure finance and development. Gray believes that the biggest barrier to sustainability is matching projects to finance.