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Impact in Africa – working together to get from A to Zero CO2

Our local team of experts specialise in carbon project development in Africa – identifying and implementing carbon offset projects on the ground with lasting positive impact on the environment and communities – these projects assist in reaching our greater net zero goals.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships that have impact at scale.

Our growth story

Climate Neutral Group South Africa is a subsidiary of Climate Neutral Group BV, the Dutch-based carbon management and offsetting company founded in 2002.  

In 2012 the Dutch operation expanded into South Africa, with our first office in Cape Town and second office opening in Johannesburg in 2018. In January 2021 we opened our office in Durban.  

In January 2022 Climate Neutral Group (CNG) merged with the Anthesis Group, the sustainability activator and the largest group of dedicated sustainability professionals globally.   

Anthesis is a company of 1000+ people, across 40 countries, servicing 2000 clients, and since merging, we have been fortunate to share knowledge, resources and expertise in the sustainability sectors in which we operate.  

CNG continues to focus on helping businesses and organisations align with the Paris Climate Agreement and stay ‘On Track’ towards a net zero carbon economy by 2050.   

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Our mission

At CNG South Africa, our mission is to focus, almost entirely, on local carbon offset project development. As the leading carbon development experts in Africa, we have a deep understanding of the continent, coupled with local expertise and an increased network of global knowledge and partnerships. We aim to harness the carbon markets for Africa by increasing the development of carbon credit projects across various sectors with a focus on nature-based solutions, such as our flagship AgriCarbon™ programme.  

By growing the supply of high-quality African carbon credits, we aim to contribute towards job creation, improved livelihoods, and the transformation of entire sectors.  

Our goal is to build long-lasting partnerships and relationships that have impact at scale, which is vital for our continent to survive and thrive and who better to navigate this landscape than our dedicated team who are on the ground, in Africa. 

People with purpose

In a world of uncertainty and flux, it takes a team of passionate and dedicated people to keep our greater impact goals alive.  

We are actively recruiting more employees than ever before and over the past year we are proud to say that our team has doubled in size and growing.  

With such a diverse, multi-talented team of experts that range from research specialists, agronomists, data analysts and carbon project developers – we are always striving for new ways in which to use our expertise to reduce our continents GHG emissions by promoting and developing nature-based solutions.  

Our team is indeed the cornerstone of the business and integral to our success. Our aim is to ensure that the culture and ethos of CNG SA remains one of diversity, positivity, mutuality and respect with the common goal of creating impact at scale.  

CO2 footprint

Partnering for impact

“When you partner with us, you’re working with a team of climate specialists, social entrepreneurs and sustainability experts with a strong international reputation, years of experience and first-class expertise.

Understanding the big picture is important to us and to our clients. So too is identifying and implementing carbon offset projects on the ground with lasting, positive impact on the environment and local communities.”

Franz Rentel – Country Director

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