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From agriculture, finance and hospitality to manufacturing and mining – Our diverse team of sustainability specialists offer innovative carbon foot printing and realistic action plans for all sectors and industries.

Getting started strategically – A wide range of consultancy

As leaders in climate-neutral entrepreneurship since 2002, we enable you to accelerate your sustainability strategy and reduce your carbon footprint. With a broad scope of expertise ranging from developing carbon reduction and offsetting plans to strategies for businesses that can benefit from offset programmes, we want to revolutionise the way we do business and grow our economies.

Programme managers and field specialists can take the lead or work with your existing in-house experts on specific reduction areas such as mobility and transport, energy savings and transition, travel, and managing your supply chain. Some of the most prominent factors in the increase of CO2 in our atmosphere are the growing use of energy, increasing mobility and transportation, and business air travel. We see this reflected in the carbon footprints of our clients and with greater insight into the emissions of your organisation, we can help you to accelerate carbon reduction in all areas of your business, thus reducing your carbon emission tax.

Our speciality also includes carbon foot-printing and life cycle analysis (LCA) – working with every area of your business, from CSR to fleet owners, travel managers, and procurement. Our consultants dig into each part of your carbon footprint and tackle carbon emission reduction with a structured methodology and realistic action and monitoring plans.


Carbon Footprinting

Like a doctor measuring a patient’s pulse, a carbon footprint provides a valuable indicator of possible areas of where your business can improve

Evaluating the main sources of carbon emissions of your business is the starting point for your “A to Zero CO2” carbon journey and brings along many benefits. It is important to note that a carbon footprint is carried out according to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO14064 which differs from the calculation methodologies for the SA mandatory GHG reporting guidelines and carbon tax.


  • Continuous monitoring: allows you to monitor your climate strategy and make adjustments to continue to improve your carbon footprint.
  • Cost savings: You can identify carbon emission hotspots across your business. Remember, emission reductions also mean saving money.
  • Becoming climate neutral or net zero: a carbon footprint is the first step to become a climate neutral organization, product or event.
  • Map out an internal carbon price: Your current carbon footprint defines the internal carbon cost to your organisation. Reducing the footprint, reduces the cost. An internal carbon price is also used as a parameter to manage risks of future investments.
  • Become a sustainable business brand: Our footprinting software solution CO2 management allows you to set up a standardised monitoring system to improve your score at reporting standards such as the CDP.

CDP Services

Environmental disclosure makes sound business sense and now more companies than ever are disclosing to CDP.

The CDP runs a global disclosure system that assesses corporates and cities which voluntarily disclose against questionnaires relating to Climate Change, Water, Forests and Supply Chains.

The CDP works on behalf of 872 investors representing US$100 trillion in assets, and around a third of the world’s invested capital. Investors now more than ever, want to know their money is backing companies who will be there in the long term. Your business may choose or be asked by stakeholders to disclose to CDP.

In recognising the tangible business benefits of disclosure and action, companies are raising their ambitions and taking meaningful steps to address climate change, deforestation and water security. This ensures their long-term sustainability and profitability, as well as equipping your business to respond to regulatory and policy changes, such as the Paris Agreement.

CO2 footprint

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Grant Little

Senior Carbon Developer

Grant has over 25 years of industrial experience (in the Systems Engineering, Risk Management and Sustainability sectors), having worked on projects across Africa and the Middle East including the world’s first carbon neutral city in Abu Dhabi. He is passionate about Africa and sees his work as a contribution to the development of the continent and the people therein.

Silvana Claassen

Senior Carbon Advisor

Silvana has a multi-faceted background encompassing resource efficiency, risk management, and environmental footprint management. Having worked more than 15 years for industry and governments in Europe and Africa in the sector she brings along extensive experience in delivering and implementing strategies and management systems that enable businesses to adapt to a resources constraint, competitive and low carbon future.