Accelerating to Zero CO2 Together

Our partnerships and wide ranging network means we are collaboratively hastening towards the goal of Net Zero by 2030. We are helped tremendously in this endeavour by our contacts with stakeholders in government, industry associations and leading businesses.


As a member and founding partner of ICROA, the International Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Alliance, we comply with the Code Best Practice in the areas of footprinting, reduction and offsetting. Only organisations that actively promote CO2 Footprinting and Reduction and can prove their track record on this can be a member. This ensures our climate projects meet internationally recognised standards and the administrative process around carbon credits is audited

The annual Audit, by Climate Check, is intensive and ensures continuous improvement.


Southern African Carbon Market Association (SACMA)

With this increased need for carbon project development across the globe and indeed in South Africa, CNG SA are pleased to announce that we are a proud founding member of SACMA (The Southern African Carbon Markets Association). SACMA’s role is to promote the common carbon market interests of members in Southern Africa.

SACMA grew out of the SA Clean Development Mechanism Industry Association (SACDMIA) which became moribund in the wake of the end of the Kyoto Protocol in the mid 2010’s. With the launch of the SA Carbon Tax and the growth of the carbon markets, it became relevant for the sector to constitute the Association. To date, SACMA has provided inputs to the SA government on the Carbon Tax amendments and the COP delegations. Workshops, including Article 6 of the Paris Agreement have also been held. CNG is an active participant and has representation on the SACMA Executive Committee.

As a member, we have gone through the stringent application process and comply with their membership criteria and the adoption of their Constitution. SACMA is open to those who are actively participating in the Southern African carbon market through trading and/or the provision of carbon reduction and offset services.

Consultancy klimaatneutraal
Consultancy klimaatneutraal

National Business Initiative (NBI)

The NBI is a global network partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a partner of the CEO Water Mandate, We Mean Business (WMB) and of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Its strategy is to address Economic and Social Transformation through thought leadership, capacity building and Collective Action programmes and projects.

We have been a member of the NBI since 2012 and are part of a voluntary coalition of South African and multinational companies, working towards sustainable growth and development through responsible business action.

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Certified B Coporation

Benefit Corporation

We have been a certified Benefit Corporation ( BCorp), since 2015. This ensures we meet strict socially responsible criteria. The impact we make with our clients is factored in the annual assessment, which continuously challenges our teams to make more positive impact.