Climate Neutral Certified

The Climate Neutral label, for companies, products and services, is transparent proof of the steps you have taken to reduce your climate impact and that you are on track with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Climate Neutral Certification Programme

This programme uses a structured method and various tools to accelerate your climate policy towards Zero CO2, and it makes it visible to your stakeholders. All steps taken to reduce your CO2 emissions and offset the remainder are independently tested against clear criteria. This means you can use the Climate Neutral Certified label for your organisation, product or service.

Independent Climate Neutral Label

Climate Neutral Group has followed ISEAL’s Codes of Conduct in the development process of the new standard, the Climate Neutral Certification Program, and is currently ISEAL Subscriber, in the process of becoming an ISEAL member. ISEAL is the umbrella body that monitors sustainability standards (‘the quality label of the quality labels’). This guarantees the quality of the program. In addition, our customers are independently assessed (audited and certified) by independent third parties known as Certification Bodies.


Why choose Climate Neutral Certification?

Climate policy often has unclear goals, a fragmented approach and invisible results. With the Climate Neutral Certification program you ensure that your climate policy matches globally agreed goals and that it is consistently and firmly embedded in your organisation. You can also show the independently verified steps you have taken to become climate neutral – that you calculated your CO2 emissions, reduced them as much as possible and offset the rest with certified compensation projects.

How Does the Programme Work For You?

By following the programme, your organisation takes the right qualitative steps: insight into CO2 emissions, reduction and offsetting. It gives concrete shape to your internal sustainability program. You are in control because it works as a (climate) management tool that allows you to critically review internal processes and your suppliers. It also prepares your organisation for stricter rules in the future. It helps you to be progressive and innovative, which contributes to a climate-friendly future. It gives your organisation a ‘License to Operate’. Climate Neutral Certified is also for products and services.

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Grant Little

Senior Carbon Developer

Grant has over 25 years of industrial experience (in the Systems Engineering, Risk Management and Sustainability sectors), having worked on projects across Africa and the Middle East including the world’s first carbon neutral city in Abu Dhabi. He is passionate about Africa and sees his work as a contribution to the development of the continent and the people therein.