Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsets set you on the path to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and can also help you pay less carbon tax. Do you want to learn how you fit offsetting in the journey to Net Zero? Download our Whitepaper offsetting.

Carbon Offsetting - Reduce Carbon Emissions

Carbon Offsetting
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Offsetting your carbon emissions is part of a global, ambitious Net-Zero Strategy necessary for achieving the Paris Climate goals. Innovations and solutions for reducing carbon emissions can help you contribute to this long-term strategy. By offsetting, you invest in a climate project that reduces or avoids carbon emissions produced elsewhere and creates social and environmental impact that contribute to the UN’s Social Development Goals (SDGs).

Carbon Tax Offsets

You can reduce your business carbon tax liability even further by investing in carbon tax offsets from our eligible South African offset projects.

Eligibility Under The SA Carbon Tax

All of our carbon tax offsets are eligible for use under South Africa’s future carbon tax, as they are generated under the international carbon standards. These are the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). All three standards are approved by the South African government.

Investing in carbon tax offsets can be cheaper than paying a carbon tax. Make sure that your company does not miss out on this additional tax relief measure.

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Our Projects

Climate Neutral Group offers climate projects that meet the VCS or Gold Standard. Our membership of ICROA, the International Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Alliance, ensures that offsetting through our projects meets the highest standards. We have projects in Africa, South America, Asia and the Netherlands.

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In Your Product’s Supply Chain

In addition to offsetting, we have found that agrifood producers also need to reduce carbon emissions in their supply chain. By reducing emissions locally and ensuring that local workers benefit from it is popular for crops like coffee and chocolate. This is called ‘insetting along with offsetting’. We can be your expert partner in assigning value to this carbon reduction.
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Makes Your Efforts Visible

Follow the steps from A to Zero : Footprinting, Reduction and Offsetting

If you have done these steps then the Climate Neutral Certification programme provides extra value of an independent assessment by a Certification Body. The Climate Neutral Certified label enhances your product or service

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Project Development and Certification

Do you have a technology, circular system, process or innovation that reduces carbon emissions and do you need carbon financing? Our experts can assist you evaluating your project in order to bring it to market and financially support its completion. We can then help you translate it into a methodology that can be certified under VCS or Gold Standard and help you with the project documentation.

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Franz Rentel

Country Director SA

With over 16 years of experience as a carbon market professional, Franz is excited to share with you some carbon reduction and offsetting strategies that he has picked up along the way. He firmly believes that only by putting a price on carbon can we hope to overcome the climate crisis