South African Carbon Tax Advisory

Turn carbon tax risks into innovation opportunities

Our across-the-board carbon tax advisory service will guide you through all technical requirements to ensure your business is compliant with the latest rules and regulations relating to the South African carbon tax and that you meet all deadlines set by government. Plus we can help you pay less tax.

South African carbon tax

South African Carbon Tax

Do you understand how the South African Carbon Tax Act and its supporting regulations will affect your business in 2021 and beyond? Have you allocated a budget for the carbon tax? Are you aware that various allowances could be applied to your company’s taxable emissions, thus lowering your carbon tax liability?

We offer a thorough advisory service to guide you through all of the questions and more. From mandatory GHG reporting and carbon tax calculations to meeting carbon tax deadlines and the use of carbon offsets. We will ensure you don’t pay more tax than is necessary.

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Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting

The South African Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reporting Regulations came into effect in April 2017 with annual submission deadlines by 31 March. The greenhouse gas emissions reported by companies are used as a basis for these businesses’ respective carbon tax calculations.

Companies that exceed a certain activity level threshold, are required to submit emission data in a prescribed format. The calculations of the emissions must be done in line with Technical Guidelines published with the GHG Reporting Regulations. Companies should note that the calculation methodologies in the technical guideline differ from the conventional corporate calculation methodologies as GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO14064.

South African companies that exceed the thresholds specified for their sectors in Schedule 2 of the South African Carbon Tax Act are required to report their greenhouse gas emissions to the Department of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries by 31 March 2021. We can assist you with your firm’s entire GHG reporting process for this period.

South African carbon tax
South African carbon tax

Carbon Tax Offsets

You can reduce your business’ carbon tax liability even further by investing in carbon tax offsets from our eligible South African offset projects.

Eligibility Under The SA Carbon Tax
All of our carbon tax offsets are eligible for use under South Africa’s future carbon tax, as they are generated under the international carbon standards. These are the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). All three standards are approved by the South African government.

Investing in carbon tax offsets can be cheaper than paying a carbon tax. Make sure that your company does not miss out on this additional tax relief measure.

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Teegan Govindasamy

Carbon Tax Advisor

Teegan is an Environmental Scientist whose passion lies in climate change mitigation and policy development – which has led him to the carbon space. He is responsible for the GHG mandatory reporting and carbon tax department within CNG. His work enables him to assist companies on their low-carbon strategies that not only reduce carbon emissions but also help save on operational costs. Teegan has experience working in government and industry in South Africa and across the rest of Africa.