We stand for quality

To ensure the climate impact for our clients

That is why we follow international protocols and guidelines and use procedures. We are checked independent so you can communicate with confidence about your steps from A to Zero CO2.

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Quality and Procedures

Quality is of paramount importance at Climate Neutral Group. On the one hand the quality of the services we provide to you and on the other hand also that the products and services we offer meet strict criteria. To ensure this quality, we have established certain procedures.

Strict quality criteria

At Climate Neutral Group you get the guarantee that CO2 credits purchased by you will reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Each credit represents a verified reduction of a thousand kilos of CO2 in the atmosphere (Verified Emission Reductions: EVs). Verification is carried out by independent, internationally recognised agencies. They check that the projects meet precisely defined standards.

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Review emission factors

For relationships, it is important to know which emission factors are used by Climate Neutral Group and which progressive insights lead to changes. We have laid down this method in the Emission Factors Procedure.
The emission factors review is clarifying the set of emission factors that Climate Neutral Group uses for its footprint calculations. During a year frequent questions are asked about which emission factors Climate Neutral Group uses and proposals for changes are then considered and introduced. Furthermore, reviews appear regularly in publicly available literature with new proposals for emission factors. To maintain order in this progressive insight, Climate Neutral Group has chosen to present an update on reviewed emission factors once a year.


Climate Neutral is a member of ICROA, the International Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Alliance. We must comply with their ‘Code of Best Practice’ and be audited annually by an independent body: Climate Check.


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