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“Our goal is to become a carbon neutral business. While we continue to place emphasis on improving the resource and energy efficiency of our operations through various optimisation programmes, we are also pursuing carbon offsetting. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while supporting sustainable projects that are aimed at improving the quality of life of people threatened by the impact of climate change”

Isabella Daly
Isabella DalyGroup Sustainability Manager at Canon SA

“We care about the environment and communities. That is why every Sanlam event strives to be carbon neutral, including for instance the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon”

Francois Adriaan
Francois AdriaanGroup Corporate Affairs at Sanlam

“As a leading sustainable investment boutique we are committed to acting responsibly. Our offices around the world and the need to frequently meet our stakeholders means that we are travelling a significant amount of miles each year. Climate Neutral Group has provided us a timely, detailed and efficient solution to fully offset our business flights while actively supporting organizations who share our values and vision”.

John Staehli
John StaehliHead of Marketing & Communication at Symbiotics

“Offsetting our emissions via Climate Neutral Groups’ GreenDreams initiative is part of our environmental and social responsibility commitments. We urge all hotels to do the same”

Jorg Zwinscher
Jorg ZwinscherGeneral Manager Balalaika Protea Hotel

“As a carbon neutral business Hot Ink offsets through the Wonderbag. We will continue to reduce our emissions and educate our clients around environmentally friendly printing”

Lisa Saville
Lisa SavilleOwner at Hot Ink Print & Design

“We ourselves are a sustainability and energy incentive advisory firm, and are committed to being a carbon-neutral firm. That is why we offset our own emissions in partnership with Climate Neutral Group”.

Duane Newman
Duane NewmanManaging Director at Cova Advisory & Associates

“Southern Right Charters have given back to the environment by offsetting our carbon footprint. In an ongoing initiative certified and overseen by Climate Neutral Group we now manage an effective emission reduction project, where we have reduced our CO2 output and engaged in sustainable way of giving back to the environment”.

Ash Appleby
Ash ApplebyOwner at Southern Right Charters

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Global temperatures are soaring and the overall climate is changing, are humans are the key culprits. To help curb climate change, every single one of us needs to get involved - members of the private sector included.

At Climate Neutral Group, we can help your company become a true Corporate Climate leader by helping you reduce and offset your emissions efficiently and cost-effectively, fully in line with your business objectives.

Please contact us. We'd be honoured to guide you on your journey toward climate neutrality: www.climateneutralgroup.co.za

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Some people wonder whether climate change is really caused by fossil fuels, pointing at volcanoes. Fact is that, in the greater scheme of things, volcanoes are tiny carbon players. We, humans, are truly the biggest polluters.

Do you want to curb your (company's) carbon footprint, for instance by reworking your corporate transport agenda (lease cars, flights to and from branches elsewhere in the country, etc)? As a leading carbon management and corporate climate action firm we will guide you on your journey toward climate neutrality! >> www.climateneutralgroup.co.za

#MeasureReduceOffset #FightClimateChange #GreenTeam
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Climate change impacts us all, and that is why everyone needs to get on board, from the general public to governments and the private sector.

At Climate Neutral Group, we help organisations in South Africa and beyond reduce their environmental impact by guiding them on their climate neutrality journey. Our services range from carbon footprinting and emission reduction strategies to sustainability roadmaps and carbon credits.

Are you keen to become a Corporate Climate Action leader? Contact us today: www.climateneutralgroup.co.za
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Climate change pushing Earth toward risky tipping points https://t.co/LxCBH2AdZS via @News24

SA’s KaXu Solar One wins prestigious UN climate change award at COP23 https://t.co/IrhGPPE3at via @BDliveSA

Many countries like to portray themselves as greener than they actually are. But who actually fights hardest for the climate? https://t.co/mBgyEIkcAa #COP23

Did you know that South Africa is among the top 20 CO2 emitters in the world? This requires us to transform to a significantly lower-carbon economy. Is your company a climate Action leader? Contact us today: https://t.co/1ydBtWO7KA

Steve Sawyer @GWECGlobalWind: wind and solar are now almost universally the cheapest sources of new power. #windaba2017

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