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What is AgriCarbon?

South Africa’s first internationally recognised carbon programme paying farmers for the carbon credits they generate from their sustainable land management practices.

Rotational grazing, cover cropping, reduced tillage, and other practices improves soil quality and the farmer’s bottom line. Now, through our AgriCarbon Programme, increased soil organic carbon and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from these practices can also generate carbon credits of the highest quality.  These credits are purchased by companies in South Africa and abroad looking to offset their carbon footprints.

Our carbon credit programme is designed to benefit farmers in three critical ways:

We have a large international client base interested in buying your carbon credits, as well as access to the local market. We offer highly attractive terms and have existing relationships with over 3,000 companies in the international voluntary carbon market. This maximises the sales price of your carbon.
We are South Africa's first internationally recognised carbon offset programme for the agricultural sector and have been listed on Verra's Verified Carbon Standard. The first carbon credit payments are expected to be paid out by the end of 2022.
You're the farming expert; we're the carbon credit experts. Our technical, commercial and financial know-how is evident in our extensive carbon project development track record. Since 2002, we have commissioned millions of tonnes of carbon from over 50 low-carbon projects in 20 countries.

How it works

1. Tell us about your farm

Give us some background on your sustainable agricultural practices by registering on our website. This is essential for us to start your carbon certification process

What farming practices qualify?

2. We’ll analyse your data

Share your data reports with us. We’ll use this to calculate the carbon credit potential of your farm, which we’ll motivate for in our submission to our independent auditors.

What information do I need to supply?

3. We’ll verify and issue your carbon credits

While you carry on farming, we’ll liaise with our independent auditors (SCS Global), and will motivate to get your carbon credits verified, certified and issued by Verra’s Verifi ed Carbon Standard.

How much carbon can I expect?

4. Get paid

We’ll tap into our global market of buyers and secure the highest price possible for your credits. All upfront carbon certifi cation costs are covered by AgriCarbon. There are no hidden costs.

How much will I get paid?

5. Earn your loyalty bonus

If you submit your data for a full five-year cycle, you’ll receive a 5% loyalty bonus. You can opt out of the contract at any time with no penalties.

What if I want to leave the programme, will I lose anything?

Who should sign up?

Are you interested in building long-term profitability on your farm?
Are you working to sustain and build your operation for the next generation?
Are you considering new practices but want insights & support from experts to ensure success?

Are you building soil carbon?

Are you currently, or thinking of, carrying out any of the following practices on your farm?

  • low/no tillage
  • cover & inter-cropping
  • improved grazing; and
  • using less fertilizer

If so, the AgriCarbon Programme may be a great fit for your farm.

To be eligible for payment under our Programme, you are required to:

  • Farm crops or livestock within the border of the Republic of South Africa
  • Adopt or advance at least one new carbon farming practice: adding cover crops, increasing cover crop diversity or growth period, reducing tillage or fertilizer use, diversifying your rotation
  • Submit all field and management information by required deadlines, beginning with enrolling your field boundaries (on our web platform)
  • Experience an increase in overall carbon sequestered and greenhouse gas emissions reduced on your farm, as determined by Climate Neutral Group or associated partners using your management information

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Gray Maguire

AgriCarbon Programme Lead

Gray has worked with the private sector, the State, NGO’s, civil society and academia on climate resilience research and project development in Southern and East Africa for over a decade. His work has ranged from community food, energy and water resilience projects, financial inclusion, ecosystem infrastructure and agro-ecology to climate resilient municipal infrastructure finance and development. Gray believes that the biggest barrier to sustainability is matching projects to finance.

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