Impact Report 2020 Climate Neutral Group more than doubled their impact in 2020

Utrecht, June 23rd, 2021

We are proud we have more than doubled our impact in 2020 together with our clients. ‘The world’ was all about COVID-19 and we quickly noticed the effects. At the end, CO2 emissions eventually decreased by only seven percent and that is not enough. On the positive side, we are seeing a growth in the willingness of companies to act upon climate change. Urgent, because we face a big challenge. Our clients and new relations went on the move and accelerated from A to Zero CO2.

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Accelerating from A to Zero CO2

In 2020 we launched our new mission, ‘net zero carbon emissions’ in 2050 and pragmatic approach ‘from A to Zero CO2’. 2050, that’s ‘the year of truth’. By then the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement must be  achieved. This applies to the entire world. Governments, business and consumers will have to accelerate and our A to Zero approach was adapted quickly. Reduction and climate neutral  certification play a central role. In 2020, numerous companies approached us for advice on the route to Net Zero CO2 for their organisation, products, supply chains and services. By using their successes in their circle of influence they stimulate others to accelerate also.

The Climate Neutral Certification program effective

After all necessary public consultation rounds in 2020 our Climate Neutral Certification program is effective from the 1st of January 2021. It is a pragmatic climate neutral standard, including criteria for footprinting, reduction in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and offsetting and insetting. Organisations  started  with external audits for getting their organisation, products and services ‘Climate Neutral Certified’, verified by independent Certification Bodies. The Climate Neutral Certified logo and accompanying claims makes the road to Net Zero CO2 visible and credible.

Achievements and new partnerships in 2020

We developed a new CNG’s New Flight Specific Carbon Calculator to calculate the CO2 emissions of air travel much more accurate and is linked to the booking system of most travel agents. This new tool is the basis for the road to Zero CO2 including reduction and compensation.

Our Coffee Carbon Footprint Tool was updated and verified by Preferred by Nature. With the tool it is easy to calculate the Carbon Footprint (LCA) of coffee from beans to cups, and in various blends and beans from different origins.

In 2020 we saw an acceleration in sustaining supply chains of (Agri)food products. Reduction is the supply is key and an increased demand for carbon project development and insetting-projects. Today have we formed a team of specialists in this area and formed new partnerships in regenerative agriculture and carbon farming.

Boundaryless offsetting necessary for reaching the Paris Climate Goals

The projects with which we offset CO2 emissions for our clients provide more than just CO2 reduction. They also contribute to an improvement in the overall quality of life and standard of living of the local population in developing countries. The world can only become climate neutral if western countries ensure that developing countries can also reduce emissions. The mechanism of offsetting is inextricably linked to this and is therefore, without boundaries. Together with our clients, we collectively offset 10 million tonnes of CO2.

Our Impact Report 2020 available now

By investing in carefully selected climate projects for offsetting the CO2 that remains, the necessary contribution to the CO2 reduction worldwide becomes possible. At the same time, the local population is given opportunities to develop themselves in a sustainable way. With this report we provide insight into the impact we have made in 2020 together with our clients.

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