At Climate Neutral Group quality, integrity and transparency are important to us. This is part of our commitment to supporting our clients and their positive actions and becoming a trusted partner for your business. As part of our commitment to best practice, we are aligned with a number of important industry bodies and business partners.


Climate Neutral Group only supplies the highest quality carbon offset credits, accredited under international standards. We apply rigorous selection criteria and conduct thorough due diligence on all new projects that are added to our portfolio. We manage and retire credits on behalf of our clients, based on robust independent registry systems. We follow international best -practice in all of our carbon management services, as well as undergo independent audits of our core activities. This means that you are guaranteed that any carbon credits you purchase from our climate projects actually do reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a meaningful way.



Climate Neutral Group’s carbon footprints adhere to the international standards for the calculations of organisational carbon footprints. The methodology and calculations employed conform to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and ISO 14064. Emission factors used are South Africa specific where possible, otherwise emission factors provided by the UK government’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Activities (DEFRA) are used.


Emission factors convert activity data (for example amount of fuel used, kilometers driven, and kilowatt hours of purchased electricity) into a value indicating carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions generated by that activity. It is important to note that the emission factors from the relevant institutions (GHG Protocol & DEFRA) are continuously updated in line with new developments. Sometimes this can make comparisons with a previous year’s carbon footprint less straight-forward. Therefore the changes you see in your footprint over time are not only caused by changes in your behaviour but also changes in emission factors as new developments occur.


The root cause of climate change is the release of man-made greenhouse gases into the atmosphere resulting in trapped heat. The most important greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). Due to the varying ability of greenhouse gases to trap heat in the atmosphere, some are more harmful to the climate than others. Each greenhouse gas has a “global warming potential” (GWP), which refers to its heat trapping potential relative to that of CO2. Therefore, to provide a comparable final figure, in our carbon footprints all emissions are reported as a relative figure to CO2, i.e. as CO2e values.


Climate Neutral Guaranteed provides a solid benchmark from which organisations can reduce their climate impact and make these results visible to stakeholders. Organisations that want to reduce their carbon footprint, are able to bring their emissions to zero. An organisation is able to do this by following the necessary steps, which will ultimately afford the organisation the privilege of using the Climate Neutral Guaranteed logo.