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From agriculture, finance and hospitality to manufacturing and mining – Our diverse team of sustainability specialists offer innovative carbon foot printing and realistic action plans for all sectors and industries.
CO2 footprint

Mission: Together from a to Zero Co2

The world has come to a standstill in a short time and we experience immediate effects. The air is cleaner, pollution is decreasing, nature is recovering, and CO2 emissions are greatly reduced. As humanity, we demonstrate tremendous resilience to adapt our behaviour to the new necessary situation. That gives a lot of hope! Also, for the great challenge we face regarding global warming. If we can retain our new behaviour to a large extent, we will achieve enormous climate gains and bring us closer to the goals of 2050. We aim for that and help you on your way from A to Zero CO2.

We started in 2019 with ‘A to Zero CO2’ approach. These are ongoing pathways that can include following steps – FOOTPRINTING – REDUCTION – OFFSETTING– CERTIFICATION. More than 35 organizations follow this approach and are still ‘on the go’ with our team of passionate consultants, each with their expertise to achieve pragmatic climate goals.