GREENSEAT – Offsetting of Flights

Your green boarding pass for better travel

Corporate flights are a major cause of carbon emissions. Visiting clients, suppliers, and branch offices and attending conferences are, after all, key components of doing business. However, they also push up your organisation’s carbon footprint!

Flight offsetting has become an essential tool to make your company’s business travel agenda more sustainable. Whilst being good for the planet, offsetting your flights in South Africa and beyond can also save costs.

GreenSeat, our carbon initiative for the travel sector, offers several unique tools that help you and your business measure, change and finally green its business travel habits. Flight offsetting is an important aspect of your journey towards climate neutral flying!


Teegan Govindasamy | Carbon Advisor

Teegan makes the business travel agenda better for the climate by specialising in offsetting flight emissions. He helps organisations develop sustainable travel policies that reduce carbon emissions and save operational costs.

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A carbon footprint of your organisation’s business flights is a starting point to getting more insights into your business travel. It presents a clear snapshot of all your business flights together with the respective carbon emissions. The carbon report provides a clear overview of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by all business travel. It is very useful for reporting purposes, saving costs, and tracking progress towards emissions reduction targets and your travel policy. It is also the first step to fly climate neutral.


  • Flying has the highest carbon emissions in the travel industry (40%), followed by transportation (32%) and accommodation (24%)
  • Globally, flying accounts for 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions
  • Business flights can account for anything between 15 – 60% of an organisation’s carbon footprint
  • A return flight Joburg to Cape Town emitts almost 500kg of CO2
  • 1300 barrels of oil are burnt by a Boing 747 travelling from Cape Town to London. This equals 3 barrels per Economy Class passenger, 5 barrels per Business Class passenger and a whopping 9 barrels per First Class passenger


Knowing  the carbon footprint of your business flights is important as it is the starting point for developing a sustainable travel policy.



Our TravelScan quickly identifies and quantifies targeted reduction options for your organisation.

Based on your annual travel data, we accurately calculate your actual emissions and subsequently help you to reduce the impact. Changing your travel behaviour can be as simple as taking short trips by train, moving from business class to economy, choosing flights with the lowest carbon emissions and video-conferencing.

Our TravelScan is a unique tool which will deliver tailor-made results that can help your organisation to reduce emissions and minimise cost.


Climate Neutral Group’s proprietary flight emissions calculator, GreenFlight, is based on worldwide flight data and collected per flight number. Usually, calculations of carbon emissions of flights are based on worldwide averages, however this is not ideal as there are large differences between flights on the same route, including dufferent airlines, types of planes and passenger loads. GreenFlight makes it is possible to get a very precise picture of the emissions from a specific flight. The data is collected in real time so the database is always up-to-date.


TravelScan is a real-time tool that offers powerful insight into your organisation’s business travel which enables you to take action to reduce both carbon emissions and travel costs.



Our TravelCoach will help you to formulate concrete goals to restructure your travel policy in order to optimise costs and make your business travel more sustainable. The goal of TravelCoach is to ensure that emission reductions are actually achieved.

By making your travel policy more sustainable, you not only show that you are an ambitious organisation that wants to grow, but also that you are an organisation that takes its responsibility for ‘people and planet’ seriously.


With our TravelCoach we asisst you with:

  • Goal-setting: how much do you want to save and in what time frame?
  • Selecting measures and appropriate targets: This is necessary in order to reach goals that fit your organisation
  • Implemention of your new travel policy
  • Setting up a reporting plan
  • Obtaining buy-in from management and employees.


Our TravelCoach helps you formulate sustainable business travel goals, implement policies, and secure employee buy-in as part of the journey to becoming a climate neutral business.  



Whilst teleconferencing can reduce your business’ carbon footprint and air travel-related costs, not all flights can be eliminated. Why not take it to the next level and offset the remaining flights via GreenSeat? You can fly climate neutral by investing in our offset projects – starting from 1 or 2 % of the ticket price. In this way you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also make substantial impacts on local livelihoods in South Africa and beyond.

Offset with CNG

Either quarterly or annually, company flight data is provided to Climate Neutral Group, which uses GreenSeat, to determine the total carbon emissions.

Offset via your travel agent

If you work with a travel agent (it must be a CNG partner), carbon emissions are calculated per flight at the time of booking, and the costs will be displayed on the ticket invoice sent by your travel agent.


  1. It provides an alternative to not flying at all.
  2. It reduces carbon elsewhere: your business invests in emission reduction projects that avoid or reduce carbon.
  3. It doesn’t cost the Earth: the investment into offsetting an air ticket is only about 1 – 3% of the ticket price.
  4. It’s only a click away: a growing number of travel agents offer GreenSeat.
  5. It raises employee awareness: your staff gain a new appreciaition for their climate impact and feel good about travelling on a GreenSeat.
  6. It’s a good investment: offsetting helps your business support its CSR policy, improve its B-BBEE scorecard and build brand value.
  7. It’s a powerful tool for sustainable development: Vulnerable communities are provided with affordable, reliable and low-carbon energy solutions.
  8. It combats climate change: winning the battle against climate change requires the support and committment of not only governments, but also business.


Our high quality projects sharpen your positioning and assist you in reaching corporate sustainability commitments – all while working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Make greener travel possible

The demand for sustainable action is growing. Consumers are becoming more critical and they are continually trying to make their consumption greener. They separate their garbage, drive more efficiently, eat more organic food and consider their energy use. They also have greener criteria for their vacations.

43% of travelers would be willing to pay up to 5% more to decrease their ‘ecological footprint’ on their next trip; almost as many would pay more than that.

For those travel agents who want to differentiate themselves and offer an unique service in the market, GreenSeat is the way going forward. Offer your clients the options to offset their flights in order to reduce their impact on the climate. It’s completely hassle free.


GreenSeat offers you a concrete and positive way to promote sustainable travel. You can use GreenSeat in your sustainability policy and use our communication materials and campaigns to shine the light on sustainable travel and CO2compensation.

On average 45% of the emissions from vacations are caused by transportation. All travel can be booked with a GreenSeat,whether it’s by plane, cruiseship, car or other mode of transportation. Even hotel stays and local food and drink consumption can be offset by GreenSeat.


Become one of our GreenSeat partners and start making a difference today. Not only will this help differentiate your travel management company from others, but you together with your clients will help create positive impacts for vulnerable communities in South Africa via our offset projects.