Helping hotels take action on climate change

Leisure and business travellers have become more conscious about the environmental impact of their travel choices. They, therefore, prefer sustainable and climate neutral accommodation as an attempt to reduce their carbon footprints.

Does your hotel want to meet the demand for sustainable, climate neutral accommodation in addition to keeping costs low? 

Our GreenDreams initiative helps hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses in South Africa and beyond put measures in place to take responsibility for their environmental impact. By participating in our GreenDreams initiative, your hotel can confidently claim it is taking action against climate change.


Nishanthi Lambrichs | Carbon Advisor

Nishanthi specialises in carbon management of hotels. She works with hospitality players in measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions, fostering the climate neutral accommodation sector.

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With the need for lighting, regular cleaning, laundering, catering, as well as heating and cooling, hotels contribute significantly to the tourism sector’s global carbon footprint. With this in mind, hotel owners and managers should be acutely aware of the desire for sustainable travel of their guests.  Travellers are increasingly choosing greener accommodation and travel options. Hotels are advised to make their activities more sustainable, for instance by offering climate neutral accommodation.

Many international hotels are now measuring and reporting their carbon emissions and setting goals for carbon reduction. Their efforts not only help the environment but also the hotels themselves. Benefits include reduced costs, improved reputation, and being able to offer a higher quality product and service. Investors, too, have started to demand information from hotels on their greenhouse gas emissions and corporate strategies for addressing climate risks.


  • Continuous monitoring: a carbon footprint allows you to monitor your climate strategy, and make adjustments to continue to improve your carbon footprint.
  • Cost savings: You can identify carbon emission hotspots across your hotel's operations. Remember, emission reductions also mean saving money. The less electricity you're using, the more money you're saving.
  • Becoming a climate neutral hotel: a carbon footprint is the first step to become a climate neutral hotel.
  • Map out an internal carbon price: Your current carbon footprint defines the internal carbon cost to your organisation. Reducing the footprint reduces costs. An internal carbon price is also used as a parameter to manage risks of future investments.
  • Become a sustainable business brand: Reporting your carbon footprint increases your reputation and profile as a sustainable hotel.


Knowing what your carbon footprint is, is important. It is the starting point for developing an effective climate change strategy for your hotel.


After calculating your hotel's  carbon footprint you are advised to develop strategies for reducing these emissions. if possible, set targets to help track performance. You could set out to reduce carbon emissions from electricity consumption by 10% by implementing energy efficiency measures.

Virtually all aspects of your hotel can result in a reduced climate impact. This includes energy use, transport, catering, procurement, waste and recycling.

In general, the nature and size of your hotel influence how best to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Develop a Climate Strategy for your hotel to ensure that you are getting the most from your carbon management programme. This will ensure that you set appropriate and ambitious goals for your carbon management programme and that distinct parts of your carbon programme are working together for maximum impact at minimum cost.
  • Set meaningful carbon reduction targets in line with climate science in order to future-proof your business
  • Benchmark its climate performance compared to industry standards or specific competitors
  • Assess carbon reduction opportunities.


By reducing your hotel's carbon emissions you will save considerably on costs while reducing your impact on the environment.


An increasing number of hotels around the world are going a step further by bringing their carbon impact right down to zero. This is possible by making use of carbon offsets. As a result, these hotels can offer their guests and conference delegates a climate neutral stay or meeting, often at no extra cost. In this way a hotel can brand itself and proudly proclaim to be climate neutral.

Many owners and managers of hotels and guesthouses in South Africa are keen to reduce their business’ impact on the environment, but often they don’t know where to start.

Our GreenDreams programme gives you all the tools to offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. This allows you to meet your guests’ expectations for carbon neutral accommodation and sustainable conferencing facilities without compromising on their comfort.


  1. It allows guests to green their travel: guests are becoming more responsible about their travel choices and offsetting is one way to allow guests to feel good about their travelling.
  2. It's what business are demanding: a growing number of companies are adopting bold sustainability initiatives. They are already including a requirement for 100% carbon-free meetings.
  3. It doesn't cost the Earth: the investment into offsetting is only a few Rands per bednight.
  4. It's easy: offset carbon emissions via GreenDreams and everything is taken care of.
  5. It raises guest & staff awareness: your guests will gain a new appreciaition for their climate impact. Your staff will be proud working for a green hotel.
  6. It's a good investment: offsetting helps your business support its CSR policy, improve its BEE scorecard and build brand value.
  7. It's a powerful tool for sustainable development: (South) African communities are provided with affordable, reliable and low-carbon energy solutions.
  8. It combats climate change: winning the battle against climate change requires the support and committment of not only governments, but also business.


Our high quality projects sharpen your positioning and assist you in reaching corporate sustainability commitments - all while working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


At Climate Neutral Group we feel that your achievements in turning your hotel, lodge, and B&B into a carbon neutral venture are a good reason to celebrate.

You will set the example and receive recognition from your guests and fellow industry leaders, who will be inspired by your actions.

We can help you further by developing and implementing targeted marketing campaigns to showcase your successful journey towards climate neutrality while underlining your ambitions and commitments to people and the planet.

Showcase your climate leadership by using our high-quality offset logos and certificates. Include these logos and certificates at your hotel, website, letterheads, vehicles and at events – in fact anywhere your brand touches!

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Whatever your marketing and communications goals are, we have the expertise and resources to help you deliver a powerful message. We empower you to demonstrate how your climate strategy has directly benefitted stakeholders by providing:

  • Compelling testimonials from those who benefit most directly from your commitments
  • Verifiable facts, statistics and figures adding to the effectiveness of your efforts
  • Photos and videos to underline the results of your solution


Communicate your climate strategy, so you can build your brand and inspire other hotels to take responsibility for their emissions.