From A to Zero CO2

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Beginning your journey from A to Zero CO2 is easy to do. Follow our step by step approach and define the climate policy of your organisation in a practical way that will align to the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement.
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The road from A to Zero CO2 starts with calculating the Carbon Footprint of your organisation. We have the expertise and tools to calculate the footprint of a product or service through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The Carbon Footprint helps you to clearly communicate climate goals and results to stakeholders and partners. Once you know your footprint our carbon tax consultants help you every step of the way to reduce your tax obligations and adhere to legislation.

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With the Carbon Footprint, you know where you stand. This is an important condition for determining a reduction strategy. Our consultants zoom in on where concrete changes in mobility, energy, air travel and product supply chains can be achieved. By monitoring and managing the reductions you make you are well on the way towards Net Zero CO2 by 2050.

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Carbon Offsetting

Offsetting makes the remaining Carbon Footprint of your organisation (or product) immediately climate neutral. We develop and source climate offsetting projects around the world that can best suit your organisation, service or product. By investing in these projects you directly contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to achieving the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. The Climate Neutral Group guarantees CO2 reduction because all of our projects meet strict quality criteria.

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Your commitment to reducing the carbon emissions of your product or organisation and your investment in a carbon offset project can be verified by an independent third party in relation to the Climate Neutral Certification standard. With a positive result, you can use the ‘Climate Neutral’ quality mark and have formal and visible recognition of your efforts.

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Our dedicated consultants, each with their own expertise, will guide you through all of the above steps. Together we have one goal: to enable your organisation make a valuable contribution to Zero CO2 by 2050. We guide your organisation, its people and stakeholders, and ensure that the process works for everyone as we strive for a future of sustainable stability.

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