When it comes to business travel, visiting congresses and going on holiday, flying has a climate impact. By offsetting your flight’s carbon emissions, you are able to mitigate your climate impact by promoting cleaner energy, enhancing ecosystems and improving the quality of life for vulnerable communities in developing countries.

That’s why, as carbon specialists who provide carbon offsetting services, we are very excited to be teaming up with the World Economic Forum on Africa taking place in early September in Cape Town.

We will be assisting the World Economic Forum by offsetting the flights of all of their employees to the event. We will also be offering the option to all delegates attending the conference to calculate the carbon impact of their air travel and offset it accordingly.

We have created a landing page and carbon calculator in order to enable this.

If you are interested in offsetting the carbon from your personal flights you can do so here. If you are interested in taking responsibility for the carbon impact of your work travels please contact us on .