Flying is sometimes unavoidable – especially when it comes to business travel. That’s why at Climate Neutral Group we have GreenSeat which assists companies in offsetting the carbon emissions of their air travel. Here are eight reasons that is a good idea:

1.It provides an alternative

Offsetting your company flights provides you with the alternative to not flying at all.

2.It reduces carbon elsewhere

In order to offset your flight carbon emissions your business can invest in emissions-reducing projects that avoid or reduce carbon elsewhere.

3.It doesn’t cost the earth

The investment associated with offsetting an air ticket is about 2-5% of the ticket price. For flights within South Africa this equates to the cost of a cup of coffee at the airport.

4.It’s only a click away

Ask your travel agent today whether they offer GreenSeat. If not, we can arrange it for them.

5.It raises staff awareness

By receiving an offset certificate every time they fly, together with the impact they made possible by supporting clean energy projects, your staff will gain a new appreciation for their climate impact and feel good about travelling on a GreenSeat.

6.It’s a good investment

Offsetting can help your business gain competitive advantage, build brand value, support your CSI policy, improve your BEE scorecard and encourage other emission reduction activities within your company.

7.It’s a powerful tool for sustainable development

By investing in clean energy projects, South African communities can be provided with affordable, reliable and low-carbon energy solutions.

8.It combats climate change

Winning the battle against climate change require the support and commitment of not only governments but also business.

More more information or to offset your business flights please contact