The Paradigm Project: Wood Stoves in Kenya

The Paradigm Project has developed an innovative wood stove to replace the traditional way of cooking over an open fire, and have also made it accessible for local households. These wood stoves use much less fuel and produce little or no smoke, which leads to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. These reductions in carbon emissions lead to the carbon credits which make the financing of the project possible. On top of this, the use of the stoves leads to cleaner air and fewer health problems.


Almost 3 billion people in the world cook daily over an open fire or on simple wood or charcoal stoves. The charcoal or wood that is used releases toxins, smoke and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, both of which are responsible for climate change. Almost 2 million people die annually from sicknesses that are caused by breathing in smoke in their houses. Looking for wood takes place in lieu of work outside the house or raising of children. As a result, children may be required to help care for family members insted of going to school. In some envrionmentsm women and children looking for wood can also place them in dangerous situations.

The Solution

In Kenya, about 90% of rural households cook over an open fire. This is a big problem as it leads to deforestation. It means that rural women have to travel very far to collect wood, usually more than 15 km in one day! For this project, wood stoves were developed in cooperation with local communities. The production and sale of these wood stoves takes place all over Kenya. Local partners such as World Vision and Food for the Hungry have worked with the locals to consider different designs. The JikoPoa stove is one of the designs that is made locally and adapted to the needs of Kenyan families. This wood stove lowers fuel use by 39% and, thanks to the financing from carbon credits, is 20% cheaper, which makes it more affordable for poor families. The Paradigm organisation plans to manufacture more than 100,000 wood stoves per year in the near future.


Climate Neutral Group is working with the Paradigm Project to start this fantastic initiative by investing in the front-end costs for wood stove production. In this way it is possible to implement the business concept as planned. There have already been 50,000 wood stoves produced and sold in Kenya. We are proud of this Gold Standard project. Paradigm is one of the socially responsible projects that you can invest in to offset your impact on the climate.

Key SDGs impacted

  • Much less wood is needed, reducing CO2 emissions
  • Time and money are freed up for other household needs
  • Smoke is reduced by 80%, improving health substantially
  • Through local stove production, eployment is created and the local economy stimulated