Climate Neutral Group once again ICROA certified

Climate Neutral Group, with offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, is the only Dutch carbon offset provider which is a member of ICROA. As such it is also the only offset provider in South Africa which is an ICROA member.

The ICROA Code aims to define international best practice for offset-inclusive carbon management and represents the minimum requirements that all ICROA members must meet. It is applicable to voluntary carbon management services provided by ICROA members and covers the following four areas; Carbon Footprinting, GHG emission reduction advice, Offsetting and Communication.

We are proud to announce that we once again succeeded our 2017 audit with a positive outcome. Here you can find our certificate and corresponding letter.
In summary, we commit to the following as an ICROA member:

• Perform carbon measurement in accordance with international standards (e.g. WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocols and ISO 14064)
• Encourage clients to set challenging targets to go beyond business-as-usual
• Encourage clients to assess emission reduction opportunities and prioritise cost-effective actions
• Use credible carbon credits in accordance with international standards and programs (refer to next section for list of permitted sources of carbon credits)
• Use third-party registries to retire and remove carbon credits used for offsetting
• Encourage clients to communicate their carbon status and footprints, including emissions associated with the organisation, product, service or event, as well as details about actions to reduce and offset emissions

As an ICROA member we commit to use carbon credits that are or will be validated, verified and registered under the Gold Standard, VCS and CDM standards. These standards offer you the security that our carbon offset projects are accurately monitored on an annual basis. Together with our ICROA membership, this ensures a portfolio of reliable carbon offset projects.