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New Research Continues To Debunk Old Myths On Carbon Offsetting

These four common (and easily-debunked) myths, adapted from page 18 of the buyers’s report, which you can read in its entirety here: Unlocking Potential/State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2017: Buyers’ Analysis MYTH 1: Companies that buy offsets are just buying their way out of their obligations. Our research shows the opposite: namely, companies are […]

A Toast To a Greener Journey Between A and B

By Miriam Mannak, Social Media and Content / Climate Neutral Group in South Africa, 24 October 2017 October was Transport Month in South Africa. In line with the occasion, the  recent Green Drinks Cape Town event held on 28th September at GreenCape, highlighted and celebrated all modes of eco transport – from bicycles and electric scooters to carpooling and […]

Gigaba’s Carbon Tax mention proves SA’s commitment to fighting climate change

South African Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba, in his mid-term budget speech (MTBS), announced the Cabinet’s approval of the release of the proposed Carbon Tax Bill to Parliament. Climate Neutral Group (CNG) welcomes the news, calling it a great step forward in South Africa’s commitment to fighting climate change. Besides expected topics such as national […]

Is South Africa Ready for Electric Cars?

By: Jana Hofmann, Leading Researcher, Climate Neutral Group, 23 October 2017 Electric cars are on their way to hit the global automotive market. Countries like Great Britain and France have published their intention to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 as part of their ambitious plan to meet their targets under the […]

The Drivers and Benefits of Offsetting

This article was published on www.icroa.org The International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance ( ICROA) published a report which looks at the current demand for carbon offsetting and also observing what drives businesses to use carbon offsetting as one of  the solutions to climate change. Understanding Business Leadership on Climate Action More can be done to increase action on […]

Colombia implements the carbon tax. Is South Africa next?

By: Jana Hofmann, Leading Researcher, Climate Neutral Group, 29 August 2017 Colombia has taking a significant step in addressing climate change. Colombia is the third developing country in the world (after Mexico and Chile) that has successfully passed new environmental tax legislation on carbon dioxide emissions. The new scheme is very simple and allows Colombian […]

New Standard Launched to Accelerate and Measure Progress Toward the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Targets

Climate Neutral Group is very excited about the publication of the Gold Standard for the Global Goals, which will allow private and public entities to certify a wide range of sustainability benefits and thereby contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Geneva, Switzerland, 10 July 2017.  Gold Standard launches Gold Standard for the Global Goals, a new […]