Climate Neutral Group is a leading international provider of carbon management and offsetting services  with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We are also an  established carbon tax consultant in South Africa.

We partner with brands, businesses, and organisations across all industries, with the objective of putting their carbon reduction ambitions at the heart of their operations. The ultimate goal is to enable companies to compete and prosper in a low-carbon world.

With over 15 years’ experience, we are your go-to partner to solve your sustainability challenges. Using our local knowledge and global reach, we offer our clients a wide range of services and market-based solutions. These include carbon management services, carbon offsetting advice, supply chain and investment climate risks support, carbon tax consulting, and sustainability strategies. These can be customised to meet your specific priorities and sustainability objectives.

Finally, we facilitate cooperation between partners in various domains of sustainability. Our efforts, along with those of our clients, have created significant positive impacts on both business and local communities.


Climate Neutral Group aims to shape and promote a low-carbon world. We do so by partnering with members of the private sector. Founded in 2002 in the Netherlands as a social venture by the Doen Foundation and Triodos Bank, our mission is to show you how your business can make money and be sustainable.

In 2012 we expanded operations into South Africa,  a country with one of the world’s highest greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, the country is moving towards implementing regulatory measures such as a carbon tax.  Our expertise as a carbon tax consultant in South Africa match the local need for professional services to ensure tax compliance. This accelerates businesses’ transition towards sustainability, financially and environmentally.

Now that the Paris Climate Agreement is in force, we are more determined than ever to turn climate change into an enormous opportunity for businesses and organisations.


<center>Franz Rentel</center>

Franz Rentel

Country Director
<center>Jana Hoffman</center>

Jana Hoffman

Carbon Advisor
<center>Silvana Claassen </center>

Silvana Claassen

Senior Carbon Advisor
<center>Sarah Farrell</center>

Sarah Farrell

Marketing Coordinator